The Darjeeling Sportswear Ads Show that Fitness Isn't Always Hot

 - Jun 24, 2015
References: herezie & adeevee
The Darjeeling Sportswear Collection is being showcased in a very unexpected way. While most people are used to the sexualization of fitness, especially for women, this brand takes the complete opposite route by embracing the awkwardness that often comes with workouts (specifically yoga). Absolutely hilarious and refreshing, the Darjeeling Sportswear ad campaign embraces realistic situations, which is something many people are currently seeking.

Conceived and executed by Herezie, an ad agency based in Paris, France, the Darjeeling Sportswear ad campaign revolves around the tag line, "Be elegant, because sport isn't always." It's clear that with these outfits, women will be able to maintain a semblance of dignity even when squatting uncomfortably and in a completely foreign pose that is far from flattering.