The Daily Life of Gods Series Returns with Gods on Public Transit

 - Nov 9, 2015
References: huffingtonpost & boredpanda
Artist Alexey Kondakov updated a continuously evolving photo series, 'The Daily Life of Gods,' that inserts people from classical paintings into urban environments in the streets of Kiev, Ukraine.

Placing cherubs on public transit buses and partially nude women in subway stations and convenient stores, the images spark a definite curiosity. An especially provocative image features an entirely nude young woman leaning against a wall of graffiti at the bottom of the steps to the underground train. Another features the Virgin Mary with a lamb and baby in her hands in a dark, unlit stairwell with dilapidated mailboxes behind her.

The 'Daily Life of Gods' series uses Photoshop to create a visually strange and intriguing juxtaposition of classical art and modern-day photography that regenerates interest and appreciation of ancient masterpieces.