Jack Conte Combines Two Awesome Soundtracks for Musical Ecstasy

 - May 11, 2011
References: facebook & likecool
What happens when you take the two epic musical forces of Hans Zimmer and Daft Punk and collide them together? You get something along the lines of this addictive Daft Punk Inception mash-up.

The mash-up is actually a combination of Daft Punk's song 'Derezzed' and several tracks from Hans Zimmer's movie score for the film Inception. Jack Conte (the talented musician behind this Daft Punk Inception mash-up) filmed himself playing every single instrument heard in the musical medley. Interestingly, both soundtracks are from films with augmented reality. Why is it that these types of films always get the best composers to work for them?

If there's any complaint to be said about this intense Daft Punk Inception mash-up, it's that it's too short. I can listen to this all day!