Currenna Hair Care Packaging Turns Back the Clock

 - Aug 14, 2011
References: sschrader & packagingoftheworld
Universal and philosophical concepts are constantly being explored through design in ways that consumers fail to discern, and Currenna hair care packaging employs this style of technique in a way that's so subtle that it looks purely aesthetic.

Shawn Schrader designed the bottles and boxes for this anti-aging salon product and aimed to interpret the brand identity in as youthful a fashion as possible. He may have begun with the conscious choice of using a virginal white as the predominant color, but it's the abstract form of each container that truly embodies the idea of juvenescence.

The notion of turning back or reversing time is captured in the twisting shape of Currenna hair care packaging. A close look reveals that from base to top, the direction rotates counter-clockwise.