Toyota's CUE Robot is a Literal Free Throw Machine

 - Mar 19, 2018
References: cnet & cnbc
Engineers at Toyota in Japan have come together to design the CUE robot, which has the unique ability to shoot free throws with startling accuracy. The robot was officially unveiled in the B League 1, a professional men's basketball league in Japan, and was playing for Arvalq Tokyo. The team behind the CUE robot was inspired by Sakuragi Hanamichi -- a character from the Japanese manga 'Slam Dunk' -- and was specifically designed to make free throws at a higher shot percentage than any Japanese professional.

The engineer's CUE robot can currently shoot from 12 feet away and can make 200,000 different shots with near-perfect accuracy. AI training was used to improve the robot's ability, allowing robot to analyze and adjust its shots. At this point, CUE can only shoot basketballs because it is locked to a platform and connected with wires, but the team hopes the machine will later master skiing, football and boxing.