Bond Pets is Exploring the Future of Cultured, Cruelty-Free Meat for Pets

 - Dec 15, 2017
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With many consumers embracing a more plant-based diet for ethical reasons, a number of brands are exploring the production of lab-grown, cruelty-free meat for human consumption. Some of the companies at the forefront of innovation in this sector are working towards developing cultured meat versions of beef, pork, chicken, fish, as well as other popular meat products. As well as there being an immense opportunity for the food industry to be revolutionized for humans through lab-grown meat, Bond Pets is a start-up that's exploring the possibilities for clean "pet food made from real animal protein, without the animal."

Founder Rich Kelleman was driven to create Bond Pets after a struggle to find truly healthy and transparent pet food products free from poor-quality proteins and animal leftovers.