Velveeta Crowns & Cheese Celebrates the Upcoming Royal Wedding

In an effort to pay tribute to the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Velveeta has unveiled an extra special edition of its Shells & Cheese pasta called 'Crowns & Cheese.' With crown-shaped shells and gold foil packaging, the new pasta turns mac and cheese into a meal fit for a queen.

Velveeta Crowns & Cheese is a special, extra indulgent version of the brand's boxed macaroni. Instead of ordinary pasta shells, Crowns & Cheese features tiny, crown-shaped pieces coated in a rich and creamy cheese sauce. For an extra special touch, the pasta is sold in a gold foil box with an accompanying gold-plated spoon. As Velveeta explains, "Who wants to be a princess, when you can indulge in creamy Velveeta Crowns & Cheese and eat like a Queen."

Image Credits: Velveeta.