The Va j-j Visor Protects a Lady's Private Parts, Like a Female Jockstrap

 - Jun 11, 2009   Updated: May 16 2011
References: weirdnews.about
The Va j-j Visor promotes the age of equality between men and women, and has created crotch caps for women.

These caps address sensitive issues females have "down there," while providing the ultimate protection. The Va j-j Visors are disposable, biodegradable and available in hot pink, lime green and purple.

If guys can have protection, then ladies should be granted the same right!

Implications - This trend is a signal of the developing trend of the relaxation of sexuality in the consumer marketplace. Advertisers and brands -- whether they are female-focused, male-focused or androgynous -- can push the boundaries by being more covert about what kind of sexual product they are selling and what exactly its features include.