From Morbid Lighting Fixtures to Virtual Voodoo Dolls

 - Jun 19, 2011
Though many people are creeped out by these things, voodoo doll-inspired products are popping up in stores everywhere and it seems people can't get enough of these dark arts goods.

Many retailers now carry lovable voodoo doll charms in stores, but I think you'll have a much harder time tracking down the voodoo coat rack, which allows users to reposition coat hooks on a voodoo doll avatar. Then there's the boyfriend cutting board, which lets you commit post-breakup revenge on your ex even if he's miles away. As bizarre as these voodoo doll-inspired products already are, nothing quite matches the absurdity of the PMS voodoo doll, which allows users to stab an anatomically correct uterus to exact revenge on female enemies.