Replicate Your Enemies and Exes

 - Aug 30, 2008
References: gabrielleaznar &
These are a bit freaky and a bit random; they are customized voodoo dolls made in your own image.  Why would you want to do that? Or make them look like a loved one? More likely is that you would make one resembling your enemies or exes.

Gabrielle Aznar will fully customized your voodoo doll, working off of a photograph. Alternatively, you can simply state the physical characteristics, materials and colours you want used in your design.

The example given on the website, is "Eg: brown-skinned doll removed, but angry mood wearing dresses princess. "

Each doll is handmade and around 15cm tall, and can be attached to your bag or keys as a charm. Each of the ‘off the beg’ dolls come with a small bio so you know everything about their characters and hobbies.

Hand embroidery and choice of materials means each piece is unique and numbered as such.

I think the Emma one is best.