Are you looking for Good Luck?

 - Feb 27, 2007
References: firebox
If you ever feel unfortunate and get into a funk where it seems everything is going wrong, there is now a new way to change your future. These cute little characters are the latest must-have accessories.

Looking like something that has just escaped from Tim Burton’s twisted imagination by way of a needlework class for nutters, each Voodoo Charm has been handcrafted from one continuous length of string. Clever, eh? You can pop them in your pocket, put them on your keyring, attach them to your mobile or simply keep them on your desk.But what’s with all this voodoo business? Well, Voodoo Charms won’t turn you into a zombie or subliminally instruct you to sacrifice chickens. What they will do, however, is bring you good fortune. Maybe. You see each stringy character has a special ‘power’ that is said to help the holder. Big maybe.For example if you possess the Ninja, nobody can hurt you. Miss Angel, on the other hand, will help you to be your sweet self at all times. Best Buddy shows friends how much you care and Prince Charming will help holders find love. Who’d have guessed little stringy thingies could be so utterly irresistible?Voodoo Charms make brilliant little pressies and keepsakes - whether you’re traveling, sitting exams, looking for love or just looking for a cute little thingamabob to carry around. And even if you’re a complete cynic we guarantee you’ll soon be attributing your success to your stringy companion’s bewitching power.I am sure that I improve my trends and nobody can take my place in the Top Trendhunters rank in and I have better earns after I get the Ninja one . So be lucky and get ordering at firebox Web Site before Voodoo Charms cast their spell over everyone..