15 Lucky Charms & Wishful Innovations

 - Apr 17, 2009   Updated: Jun 7 2011
In a sour economy, everyone's looking for luck. Whether you choose to carry around talismans or wish on a lucky star, superstitious individuals will find their optimistic inspiration in the cluster below.

From guerrilla wish-gathering projects to office gadgets that let you decide your fate through a mini roulette wheel, these articles prove that hoping for a positive outcome can be fun as well!

Implications - Consumers are always looking for products to counter their superstitions and bring luck into their lives. Whether it's a quirky, popular or somewhat irrational belief, the market for products that will counter these old wive's tales is a growing one. Whether or not they really work is not the question; it is simply whether or not people are willing to buy them -- and the growing production of items such as dream catchers, luck charms, framable lucky pennys proves that they are.

Superstitions are driven by the human instinct to put responsibility for life events in the hands of fate instead of taking responsibility for ourselves. As a result, consumers are eager to invest in products that will make them feel they are taking responsibility into their own hands.