Hair Vitalizer Voodoo Doll

 - Apr 13, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
In order to effectively reach Indian women, Keo Karpin Hair Vitalizer has launched a unique black magic inspired campaign that capitalises on the local fear of voodoo in the superstitious Indian culture and the love of long healthy female hair.

The campaign arrives to women in a small package that contains a voodoo doll with pins and a tangle of hair (voodoo doll black magic usually draws its power from personal items such as nails or hair). The doll comes with a card that says "weak hair can be fatal" and that Keo Karpin Hair Vitalizer with vitamin H therapy prevents any harm to your hair.

I love it. The campaign is customized for maximum effect in the local market. Although I would imagine it might not be very appreciated by people who are paranoid about black magic and voodoo dolls.