Never Forget Your Errands With the Pino Voodoo Doll Memo Board

 - Jun 10, 2011
References: danielcaramelo & mocoloco
From Daniel Caramelo comes the quirky, amusing Pino Voodoo Doll Memo Board perfect for anyone who has a vendetta.

While I can't promise you that the Pino Voodoo Doll Memo Board will put your cheating better half in pain, it will at least remind you of your daily chores. The whimsical accessory is made from cork so that you can attach notes onto it via thumb tacks. What's hilarious is that Carmelo has stated that outside of its practical purpose, it's supposed to be a way for those to strike back at those on your hit list. The item is mobile, which means you don't have to put holes through your wall like you normally would with a normal board.

The Pino Voodoo Doll Memo Board is both practical and fun. Even if it's not used for notes, you can still unleash some anger onto it.