Cornerstone Gin Boasts Fruity & Autumnal Flavors to Pair with Seafood

Wrecking Coast Distillery in Cornwall created Cornerstone Gin distilled with apple juice for Tom Brown’s London restaurant Cornerstone that specifically complements the seafood dishes. As the modern British restaurant focuses on fresh fish and seafood, Cornerstone Gin was created with a flavor that provides a fruity and fresh experience.

When the Cornerstone Gin is enjoyed with tonic, it is said that its citrus flavors of Seville orange, Sicilian lemon, lime and pink grapefruit peel can be appreciated alongside juniper berries, rosehip and rowan berry. Thanks to the use of apple juice in the distillation process, the gin also boasts sweet, autumnal flavors.

Earlier this year, Cornerstone Gin launched at the restaurant and it is now available for purchase by members of the public directly through Cornerstone and select retail partners.