Coolhunting Trend Hunter

 - May 7, 2012
As the first book devoted exclusively to coolhunting online, 'Digital Coolhunting, Chasing the Latest Trends' by Anna Maria Lopez Lopez is a natural match for Trend Hunter. Featured numerous times throughout the book and most predominantly in its third chapter, entitled 'Seguimiento de tendencias internacionales,' or 'Monitoring International Trends,' Trend Hunter is identified as a prime source for those seeking what's new and hot.

The rise of the digital era has ushered in the golden age of trend chasing, which is a paid profession on the rise. Though Digital Coolhunting is published in Spanish, its content would prove useful for cool hunters from every part of the world. Rife with colorful, engaging images and tidbits that will not only make hunting trends easier, but more effective, the book, published by ANAYA Multimedia, is a must have.