Lang & Baumann's Comfort #4 Installation is Chaotically Knotted

 - Mar 26, 2011
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The Comfort #4 light installation would have been one stunning art project to see in person. Unfortunately, it was presented during Paris' 2010 Nuit Blanche, so it can now only be appreciated in photos that pop up on the Web from time to time.

Created by Lang & Baumann, the Comfort #4 light installation featured nine huge tubes that were woven through the windows of two floors of the Ecole Elementaire de Belleville in Paris. The result was a mind-boggling, chaotic knot of illumination.

The Comfort #4 light installation's three-dimensional effect was especially captivating. It is almost as if the building was taken over by an alien being.

I can only hope that the Comfort #4 light installation pops up somewhere around me so that I can see it in person.