The Broadsword Spine Offers Electronic Connectivity to Soldiers

 - Jul 19, 2016
References: baesystems & gizmag
The Broadsword Spine is an exceptionally high-tech combat harness developed by none other than BAE Systems, as part of a collaboration with Intelligent Textiles Limited.

This combat harness takes the form of an electronically equipped textile device that can quickly and easily be embedded into soldiers' clothing. When attached in place, the Broadsword Spine functions as a data network and power supply apparatus, making use of conductive fabrics to reduce reliance on intrusive wires and cabling. The device includes a battery pack and USB ports that provide up to 180 watts of power.

The main advantage of this combat harness is that it allows soldiers to enjoy electronic gadgetry assistance in a more lightweight and simple form. This ensures that they can focus on their operations without having to negotiate complex equipment.