These Paintings Depict Colorful People Doing Unusual Things

 - Jul 21, 2013
References: lorazombie & inspirefirst
These extremely surreal artworks by artist ‘Lora-Zombie’ feature colorful people doing bizarre dream-like activities. some of these paintings feature animals (and mythical creatures) which add to the unusual nature of the content. One of these fantastic paintings even includes a masked baby unicorn.

On top of the already surreal subject matter in these artworks, Lora also covers her canvas’ in paint splatters, either on top of or surrounding the people in her paintings. One of these spectacular works features a child riding a bike, which has balloons tied to the front. There’s also a panda on the back of this bicycle hitching a ride.

Lora-Zombie uses vibrant colors and intriguing content to draw viewers in.