Color Wheel Timepiece Teaches an Association Between Hours and Hues

 - Apr 5, 2013
References: coroflot & core77
Reimagining the way that the hour is displayed and read is a popular project for many designers. The Color Wheel Timepiece is a spectacularly singular concept that deviates greatly from the predictable analog mechanism.

Scott Alberstein included three concentric circles within the casing of the wristwatch, each functioning as a spinning dial. The separate discs represent hours, minutes and seconds, rotating and aligning beneath a small slice of a window.

As one grows accustomed to deciphering the time of day with the Color Wheel Timepiece, he will come to associate the different vivid tints with particular points throughout the 24-hour period. For instance, yellow shades on one dial might be representative of the morning hours and green hues might signify the later part of a 60-minute term.