Colin Doyle Captures the Elegance of Familiar Objects

 - Jun 17, 2012
References: & itsnicethat
Colin Doyle makes art out of the mundane by taking objects that people encounter every day and turning them into abstract artwork.

While the clutter of shampoo bottles or a rusted rake might not be the most captivating of objects, they are items that have engrained themselves into most people’s familiarity such that they almost cease to garner any attention any more. The fact that these objects no longer incite any real emotion speaks to their status as symbols of mundane, repetitive tasks.

In choosing broken glass or a pile of shirts as the object of the photograph, Colin Doyle is encouraging his viewers to take a moment to reexamine their attitudes towards their environment. People need to get away from impressions of a banal existence and instead appreciate the subtle moments of aesthetic purity.