Heinz to Adopt Coke PlantBottles to Cut Its Carbon Footprint

 - Feb 26, 2011   Updated: May 5 2011
References: environmentalleader
Heinz is showing that it can be profitable to be environmentally conscious by adopting Coke 'PlantBottles' into its business model. Made with Brazilian sugarcane ethanol, Coke 'PlantBottles' are an ingenious plastic alternative developed by the soft-drink company that uses 30 percent plant-based material in its composition. Coke 'Plantbottles' also have no difference in shelf life, appearance, texture or even weight.

Heinz will be printing “Guess what my bottle is made of?” on every one of its plant-based bottles.

Implications - The company is aware of the negative impacts of plastics and have therefore decided to move towards this packaging. While Heniz is aware that it won't solve environmental problems by changing their packaging, they believe that the PlantBottles will at least "eliminate C02 emissions and mitigate global warming."