Jason's Simply Coconut Toothpaste is Inspired by Oil Pulling

 - Apr 13, 2017
References: jason-personalcare & byrdie
One of the newest products from natural personal care brand Jāsön is the Simply Coconut Toothpaste, which is genuinely made with unrefined, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. As antibacterial coconut oil is a main component of this toothpaste, it mimics the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling for oral care; this is a practice that involves swishing around some type of food-grade oil in one's mouth for the purpose of cleansing and drawing out toxins.

The natural toothpaste product is offered in a range of flavors, including the original Coconut Cream, as well as other options such as Coconut Mint, Coconut Eucalyptus and Coconut Chamomile.

While coconut is not often featured as a main ingredient in many conventional store-bought toothpaste products, many consumers choose to make their own oral care products by combing coconut oil with baking soda and a few essential oils of their choosing.