The Asian Cobra Tower is Designed By Vasily Klyukin

 - Mar 8, 2016
References: vasilyklyukin & archdaily
The Asian Cobra Tower is an absolutely audacious and mind-bending architectural proposal put together by the Russian billionaire and architecture enthusiast Vasily Klyukin, a man who has gained a reputation of sorts for his extraordinarily unique and peculiar architectural designs and concepts.

This particular concept is designed to be situated in China or Japan. It is depicted as boasting a unique coiled tail at the base and a facade that will be capable of displaying different colors. The body of the snake-like structure could include apartments or business space, while the 'jaws' would be home to a club or restaurant.

Ultimately, the Asian Cobra Tower is an admittedly audacious design that pays homage to a creature that is known as a symbol of wisdom and power in some Eastern cultures.