The Intelligent Coaching Space Boosts Performance and Injury Recovery

 - Feb 25, 2016
References: & gizmag
The Intelligent Coaching Space or ICSPACE is a high-tech virtual coaching system, developed by a group of researchers at Bielefeld University in Germany, that uses futuristic technology to help athletes improve their performance and receive treatment for any physical issues that they may have due to injury.

The system makes use of a virtual body avatar, 3D stereoscopic glasses and special reflective markers to help the user better understand their own movements so that they can go about optimizing them for maximum recovery as well as performance. Visual training cues are used in conjunction with color codes to help the user identify how different parts of their body react to a specific exercise.

Ultimately, the Intelligent Coaching Space helps add deeper layers of information that can help athletes recover from injury and attain higher levels of performance.