The 'Cloud Chaser' Game Leads Players on a Desperate Journey

 - Oct 11, 2015
References: cloudchasersgame & mic
The recent migrant crisis in Europe has opened the world's eyes to the painful reality of human rootlessness, and this new role-play game, called 'Cloud Chasers,' lets players experience that reality in first person.

In Cloud Chasers, players embody the characters of a small girl and her father living on a barren, arid planet. In the game's universe, the world's well-off have left for a cloud city in the sky, where they harvest water, depriving those left behind of any source of hydration. Amelia and her father Francisco must navigate this world, bartering for resources, speaking to other migrants and searching for precious water.

Cloud Chasers is meant to mimic the challenges of migrants searching for a new home, set in a fantasy world in order to universalize the story line. It joins a movement of empathy-creating games that put players in the shoes of people undergoing unique and often tragic experiences.