fukutegami Sends Clothing in the Mail with Messages

 - May 13, 2015
References: fukutegami & japantrends
Rather than sending someone a handwritten letter on paper, why not send out clothing in the mail with a message on it? This is the idea behind fukutegami, a concept launched on the Readyfor? crowdfunding platform.

The name fukutegami itself is a play on the words for "clothes" and "letter," emphasizing that the clothes themselves become the letter and the envelope for sharing messages with someone else. The shirt has a number of spaces with lines for writing on it, as well as places to indicate where it should be folded and where the stamp should be placed.

A set includes a shirt, a pen and a stamp to get messages in motion. Since this is a novelty product, it doesn't come cheap—fukutegami retails for about $100. However, once the shirt is washed, the ink from the special pen disappears forever, so there is the potential for reuse.