The 'Peggy' Clothes Peg Warns When it's About to Rain

 - Apr 18, 2016
References: & gizmag
Developed by detergent brand Omo, the 'Peggy' clothes peg is designed to sense the weather and warn launderers when rain is on the way.

An Internet of Things device that could revolutionize how people dry clothing outside, the 'Peggy' looks and acts like a traditional clothespin. However, within the oversized product, a bevy of sensors track humidity, temperature and more to keep you informed of the weather.

The 'Peggy' is imagined as being the next phase of how we do laundry to help offer users the ability to be more energy-conscious by drying clothes outside without worrying about inclement weather. Currently in prototype phases, the 'Peggy' clothes peg could also be used in other scenarios, but only time will tell as the technology is fine-tuned.