George Clooney Drives a Tango

 - Jul 9, 2008
References: treehugger
George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Cindy Crawford, Sheryl Crowe. The stars you know by last name only are hot on the ecology trail. George is single, and while his Tesla Roadster is being built, he's leaning on the Tango Electric car, a one seater.

Julia Roberts and her pals started a green club. Cindy Crawford now only uses a reusable water bottle and designed a chic bottle with proceeds going to Children's Safe Drinking Water. She buys locally grown foods and stopped having phone books delivered. (Phone books make up 10% of waste in landfills.)

Sheryl Crowe has launched designs for the eco-fashionista. She's known to donate bags and bags of unworn clothes to her local secondhand shop every six months.