From Celeb Height Comparisons to Hollywood Peacemakers

 - Sep 28, 2011
For all the ladies in need of a mantastic compilation masterpiece, and to the men requiring revision of their suave-scale rating, these George Clooney innovations are the perfect solution.

Clooney, the quintessential American heartthrob that has captivated television and movie audiences alike for countless handsomely enhanced years, has kept the world in suspense as to what his next charming move will be.

Gracing multiple magazine covers with his unparalleled poise that has elevated him to style master status, Clooney creates a balance by equally highlighting his seemingly effortless humanitarian efforts.

Whether he is using his celeb status to help propel presidential candidates, encouraging fans to go green or simply being bacheloriffic eye-candy, Clooney is an ageless icon that is sure to permanently leave his legacy of good intentions and great looks on Hollywood. These George Clooney innovations are a great way to highlight his amazing success.