From Bite-Sized Microcars to Single-Seat Buses

 - Jun 30, 2010   Updated: Aug 17 2011
Sometimes you don't want to play chauffeur to some loud-mouthed backseat driver or screaming kids asking, "Are we there yet?" Well, these cutting-edge single-seater rides will allow you to hit the open road all by yourself.

Picture the freedom of cruising in a Segway-inspired car, a single seater electrobike or a penguin-inspired automobile. From bite-sized microcars to single-seat buses, the perfect single-seater for those who want to go at it alone is here.

Implications - Buyers affected by the credit crunch have been forced to downsize their homes and automobiles. Smaller cars that are both environmentally sound and cost-friendly continue to rise in popularity among consumers worldwide. City-dwelling customers seek transportation alternatives that accommodate their lifestyle and are convenient for urban life.