'Clades' Helps Teach Evolution by Matching Animals

 - Dec 1, 2016
References: facebook & kickstarter
'Clades' is a tabletop card game that helps kids learn about the basic tenets of evolutionary biology. The card game was developed by the writers of the popular book 'Grandmother Fish,' a picture book that also shows the process of evolution.

In Clades, players need to match cards with pictures of animals on them based on those that they're holding and those that are face up on the table. The cards are divided by attributes, which include environment, number (i.e. how many species are on the card,) color (which represents variety within a population,) and clade. Clades are a real scientific category that denotes a complete branch of the evolutionary tree, such as the orders Carnivora (i.e. mammalian carnivores) or Sauropsida (i.e. birds and lizards.)