Column Five Created a Series of Revamped and Simplified Urban Flags

 - Nov 30, 2016
References: columnfivemedia & wired
Many cities, and certainly most metropolises, sport city flags -- even though many citizens of those cities might not be aware of them. Perhaps that lack of awareness is for the better, as city flags also tend to flaunt a disregard for some basic design principles. In an attempt to remedy these ills, design studio 'Column Five' has created redesigned versions of 13 city flags.

The flags in Column Five's series include the five New York City boroughs, as well as several other towns in California. Many of the original city flags that the company chose had elaborate and busy seals on them, which the designers usually maintained but in drastically simplified versions. The results are flags that still express the core attitudes and attributes of the city without abandoning minimalism.