This Russian Circus Photo Series is Poignant and Nostalgic

 - Jun 7, 2014
References: & featureshoot
Taking us on a colorful ride into the world of talented animals and magical performers, this circus photo series is poignant and shows a somewhat sad side to the Russian circus under all the vibrant hues, crazy costumes and tricks of the trade.

Captured by Austrian photographer Reiner Riedler, the charming and bizarre circus photo shoot shows off a nostalgic tradition that seems to be slowly fading. Traveling to Russia several times for the 'Like a Bear on a Wire – Russian Circus Today' series, Riedler tells harrowing tales of how the golden days for the circus are over, with hardships like keeping the animals alive because of financial burdens.

The images will make you remember your childhood and how you felt sitting in the audience -- but this time, it's not delight you'll feel.