The Online Church of the Banana Idolizes the Yellow Fruit

 - Mar 28, 2009
References: churchofthebanana
Welcome to the Church of Banana. Is this a strange 'sign of the times' that a new breed of 'preachers' might be taking over the net? Freedom of religion? I think so.

Mike: the High Priest of the Yellow Peel
Peter: the Peeling Pharaoh of Pun-ishment
Brian: the Grand Master Cardinal Rabi of DisInformation
Pierre: the Digital Dignitary
Banana Fanatics: the Keepers of the Code

And there you have it, the pioneers of the banana religion. Their motto is simple: "Remember: Love your Bananas… and they will love you."

Everyone is welcome to join the Church of the Banana which, for now, is just a web-church.

As they stated, "we don’t push our beliefs on anyone. Ours is a religion of choice, as well as energetic debate and enlightenment."

Fact, or fiction? You decide.