Christoph Ruckhaberle Captivates Through Distortion

 - Apr 2, 2012
References: suttonlane & beautifuldecay
These illustrations by artist Christoph Ruckhaberle contain a certain Picasso-esque inspiration, yet retain a vision and style entirely authentic to the artist. From color to proportions to composition, these portraits by Christoph Ruckhaberle stimulate one's visual sensitivity while appealing to our desire for the bizarre and unorthodox.

Vividly obscure, these illustrations embody a slight retro vibe, recalling avant-garde art from the mid-20th century. The characters in the foreground call out for attention while the intricate pattern within the background distort out ability to narrow in on specific elements without having it become influenced by the surrounding features.

Delightfully unconventional, Christoph Ruckhaberle's artwork impresses through distortion. Allow yourself to be entranced by these illustrations and no doubt you come to appreciate the aesthetic prowess within the surreal.