Christmas Cookies for Singles Encourages You to Invest in Cats

 - Dec 23, 2013
References: youtube & jezebel
If you feel like eating your feelings this holiday season, YouTube user Akilah (otherwise known as 'Smoothiefreak') has you covered with her 'Christmas Cookies for Singles' recipe video. And don't worry about your caloric intake, because as Alikah notes, those "don't count when you're sad."

Holidays can act as a painful reminder that you're completely, utterly alone. While it would be easy to simply wallow in your alternating feelings of post-break-up rage and sadness, Alikah is here to help you channel your feelings into something a little more productive (and delicious.) The cookies look scrumptious, though the special ingredient is most definitely not love. Rather, Alikah suggests you pour all of your remaining f**ks into a bowl and add to the mix liberally.

She provides colorful commentary as she bakes, with ever helpful suggestions such as, avoid watching romantic movies like 'Love Actually,' ('Home Alone' might be a better fit) and shaping the cookies into cats -- because cats, unlike your good-for-nothing ex, will never leave you.