Chris Wilson Photographed Eline van den Bergh for C-Heads

 - Nov 24, 2014
References: c-heads
Photographer Chris Wilson likens New York City's autumnal transformation to a "change of personality." He attempts to capture the contemplative, dreamy mood of the season in his debut C-Heads editorial.

Wilson traveled to Eline van den Bergh's Williamsburg apartment bright and early on a Saturday morning. The duo began with indoor shots -- Bergh standing sleepily in front of her window, wearing a sweater and a pair of panties. Her day has only just begun.

Later on, Wilson and Bergh travel to her apartment's rooftop, which offers a spectacular view of Brooklyn. Bergh gazes out at her city, looking appreciative, content and thankful. The editorial captures those wistful moments, when you feel grateful to be apart of something.