Chris Ferrante Boxes Light, Shadow and Reflection

 - Jan 1, 2012
References: thedieline
Design student Chris Ferrante was given the unusual task of creating packaging for intangible things. After careful consideration, Chris Ferrante set to work designing concept boxes to house light, shadow and reflection. The shape of the brown cardboard boxes is straightforward and unassuming. Each box is marked with a large L, R or S to correspond with the material the box is supposedly holding. The letters appear cutout from the cardboard of the box and their shades range from white to black.

The minimalist design is the perfect companion to something as astounding as light, shadow and reflection. Seeming to let the supposed contents speak for themselves, Chris Ferrante's design avoids flourish in an effort not to overshadow (pun intended) natural phenomenon.

Clean, minimalist yet epic, Chris Ferrante's packaging concept is beautiful in its simplicity, but grand in its intent.