The 'CHPI-620' Cleans Tap Water to Remove Contaminants

 - Dec 7, 2017
References: yankodesign
An increasing number of consumers are looking for ways to clean the water that they drink each day, so the 'CHPI-620' water purifier has been conceptually designed as an appliance to ensure this is a constant.

Many people will opt for bottled water when concerns about purity come up, which can be quite costly and also unsustainable. The water purifier seen here works by doing away with bottled varieties and utilizing the stuff that comes out of your tap to instantly offer perfectly clean H2O to enjoy at home or the office.

The conceptual 'CHPI-620' water purifier is the design work of Dae-hoo Kim and will offer both straight water along with purified ice to ensure both are always within close reach.