Chococo Created a Chocolate Meal Inspired by Fish, Chips and Peas

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: chococo
Fish, chips and peas are all classic parts of a quintessential English dish, but they are also the shapes that can be found in this all-chocolate meal from Chococo.

The Chocolate Fish, Chips & Peas treats are made and decorated by hand and packaged in a takeaway-style tray like a fast food dish. As far as the individual items go, the fish itself is made with milk chocolate, while the chips are prepared from white chocolate and the green peas are actually sweet lime-flavored jellybeans.

In addition to being worked into cakes, cookies and other sweet dessert items, chocolate is being molded into food forms that boast ordinarily savory flavors such as hamburgers, fries and other classic fast food items. While the taste of the chocolates themselves are not disrupted, they offer novel ways for consumers to discover a familiar product.