The Packaging for Chocolate Conierge Features Earthy Illustrations

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: packagingoftheworld
The packaging for this Malaysian brand boasts an eye-catching chocolate box design adorned with earthy illustrations. Designed by Anagraphic agency, the crisp white box features the Chocolate Concierge logo and colorful drawings of cacao plants.

The earthy illustrations serve to remind consumers of the earliest moments in the chocolate-making process, which in turn highlights the brand's fair trade ethos. Dedicated to ethical business processes and quality ingredients, Chocolate Concierge seeks to highlight its morals in the first thing a consumer sees -- the chocolate box design.

Both in the interior and exterior of the packaging by Anagraphic features gold embossed lettering and cacao plant imagery. This is another example in the progression to using earthy imagery to convey organic origins and in turn, inspire consumer trust.