The Charlotte Pringels Knotwork Collection is Eccentrically Chic

 - Jun 12, 2014
References: notjustalabel & notjustalabel
The Charlotte Pringels 'Knotwork’ collection is inspired by the work of Peruvian artist Jorge Eielson. The artist is known for creating abstract canvases that are adorned with string and fabric elements. These pieces are then tied and knotted together to represent the theme of tension.

When creating her designs, Charlotte Pringels "experimented with similar techniques in her collection, creating attraction and tension between soft fabrics in vivid colours and edgier shapes and materials."

In addition to referencing the work or artist Jorge Eielson. the designer also pays tribute to the virtual art pieces of Andy Gilmore that serve as the inspiration behind her textile print designs.

Based in Antwerp, Belgium, the designer is a graduate from the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts.