Chamarande-les-Bains is an Interactive Installation of Many Public Tubs

 - Nov 1, 2013
References: bruitdufrigo & likecool
A day at "the baths" is given new and playful meaning with this installation called Chamarande-les-Bains. Bruit de Frigo worked to turn an old stately fountain behind a palace into a publicly accessible water feature and place of leisure.

Located in France at the Domaine de Chamarande between February and the end of September 2013, this project was built along the edge of an existing pool as a multi-tiered timber structure. The deck's levels were serviced by several sets of steps and more than 20 ordinary whitewashed bathtubs were embedded within the wood. Some were filled with water of varying temperatures and others were left empty. Visitors to the Chamarande-les-Bains were invited to lounge around on cushions in the dry tubs and take refreshing dips in the full soakers this summer.