The 'Keramikus' Ceramic Knife Set Enables Expert Preparation

There's a small subsection of chefs out there that swear by the power of ceramic knives, so the 'Keramikus' Ceramic Knife Set is the ideal way to foray into the world of specialty kitchen equipment for amateur cooks.

Coming with three knives within, the 'Keramikus' Ceramic Knife Set consists of the 'Vegetus' for paring, the 'Usubus' for chopping or slicing and the 'Shefus' for shefusing. The 'Keramikus' Ceramic Knife Set is furnace-hardened to help offer the smoothest blades and experience possible. However, being that the 'Keramikus' Ceramic Knife Set is indeed made from delicate ceramic, the precision blades could break if dropped from a high level onto a hard surface, which makes them a beautiful yet dainty addition to any kitchen.