This Shaquille O’Neal Celebrity Campaign Raises Money for Toys for Tots

Giant Shaquille O’Neal and a tiny Easy Bake Oven hardly seem to have much in common, but the two came together for this comical celebrity campaign for charity.

Mashable invited the basketball star to its office and created a low-budget production of Shaq sharing his favorite recipes using the toy oven. The hilarious premise truly delivers as the 7'-1" man struggles his way through preparing bite-sized bread pudding and tea cake desserts.

Aside from making YouTube clip that's fun to watch, the spot is designed to remind viewers to donate toys to children who are in need via Toys for Tots. While not all charitable campaigns have the advantage of being represented by a celebrity spokesperson, 'Shaquille O'Neal's Favorite Easy-Bake Oven Recipes' proves that simple and entertaining content can be pulled together with a shoestring budget and amplified on social media.