The Cassette Tape Cookie Cutter Serves Up a New Sort of Retro Icon

 - Nov 14, 2013
Where the baby boomers had teddy bears and toy cars to play with, their children's generation entertained themselves with more hi-tech items. This Cassette Tape Cookie Cutter is a newer symbol of nostalgia that replaces old plaything forms that have been translated into culinary stencils.

Measuring just over two inches by four inches in width and length, this stainless steel kitchen tool has been manufactured with sufficient detail to make your decorating job a great deal more precise. A shallower grade of metal edges impresses superficial lines into soft dough and suggests all of the standard details of an audio cassette. The Cassette Tape Cookie Cutter thus prepares sweet treats with sufficient embellishment to make icing unnecessary. Should you prefer some, however, you've got guidelines to make the task simpler.