Trader Joe's Bold Cashew Dip Blends Curry Powder and Carrots

 - Sep 23, 2017
References: traderjoes
One of the newest products to be added to Trader Joe's is the Curried Carrot & Cashew Dip, which boasts a bold color and a smooth texture. True to its name, the dip is made with a blend of carrots, curry powder and cashews, as well as other ingredients like lemon juice, red onions, as well as honey and ginger for a hint of sweetness and zest.

Trader Joe's suggests pairing the unconventional cashew dip with vegetables or crisps, or using it as a healthy replacement for a mayonnaise spread in a sandwich.

A growing number of consumers in the west are becoming interested in rediscovering their favorite kinds of food products in new forms with the addition of globally inspired ingredients. In the case of this nut-based dip, the curry powder adds a unique and unexpected spice.