The 'Hornet' Car Vehicle Design is an Automobile of the Future

 - Jan 31, 2017
References: yankodesign
The hyperloop is purported to be the direction that we're moving when it comes to train travel, but the 'Hornet' car vehicle design identifies how personal automobiles might shift to new technologies.

Designed by Vivek for car brand Audi, the 'Hornet' utilizes a magnetic levitation (maglev) propulsion system that allows the vehicle to float above the surface of the road it is on.

The vehicle is capable of holding up to four passengers and features a streamlined design that makes it look almost like a futuristic spaceship cruiser.

The 'Hornet' car vehicle design identifies how future automobile transportation will likely take a nod from the technology at work within the hyperloop in order to make personal mobility more efficient and functional.