Daniel Tyrkiel’s Candle Designs are Quite Disturbing

 - May 10, 2013
References: etsy & likecool
Conjuring spirits from the underworld requires some unique instruments, but too often local Wiccan shops only offer muggle-friendly candles to their patrons and candle designs that aren't suitable for sacrificial rituals. The spine cord candle designs from Daniel Tyrkiel are sure to enhance anyone’s magical prowess.

The ‘Sorcerer’s Candle’ replicates a spinal cord that will cater the morbid nature of people. Intricately designed, these gruesome candle creations are sure to shock and disturb most people who that get a chance of seeing it. Summoning the spirits of dead celebrities and sacrificing chickens to an elder god is now more chic and vogue with these morose candle designs. The candle is perfect for Halloween decorations or the room of any overly sensitive teenager.